For more than ten years we have provided our customers with quality, innovative, high performance products carrefully engineered for better indoor air. Our unique product lines offer heating, cooling, dehumidification, filtration and energy recovery solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications.


Steel works, cooking plants and , in particular, aluminium production plants are subject to extreme environmental influences caused by extremely high ambient temperatures +55 ... +85oC, high thermal radiation, unfavourable and/or inadmissible air composition (percentage of gas and suspended substances), and above all strong vibrations and impacts.

The operators in crane cabins, but also electronic control units and frequency converters for crane operation must be protected against these harmful enviromental influences. Conventional cooling units are not up to these extreme enviromental influences - only the plants that have been especialy designed for these purposes can be used in the long term.

Air conditioning, in particular for the operator, comprises functions such us filtering of susspended substances, adsorbtion of harmful gases and odours, cooling, dehumidifying, and depending on the use of the crane also heating.